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premiere du jour: JYLDA – Cruel Machine

JYLDA_Cruel-Machine_Premiere_PressphotoProudly premiering this new joint by Berlin’s JYLDA today. Cruel Machine is one of those songs that make all the older tracks sound much smaller all of a sudden. The composition, the slow build-up, the bang, the production, and of course those vocals. She started out little over two years ago and has taken quite the development since. Out of a sort of ambient electronic corner, Cruel Machine now is truly a grand pop track, reminiscent of the elegance of the greatest as well as fresh, original and modern. The single will be out this Friday, January 15 on Æolis Records.

And there is more to come. A new EP or album are said to come along nicely, and there will be a handful of live dates so look out. February 13th will see her play Hamburg’s fine Pony Bar alongside old pals The Very First Teenager and Muutes. In the meantime, hit play on this. Photo by Michael Dooney.

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