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Reeperbahn Festival 2015: Petite Noir

petite_noirAt somewhat of a surprise, summer seems to be in its final days. Depressing. But on the bright side, this means Reeperbahn Festival is just around the corner. From 23-26 September Hamburg’s infamous red light and club venue district alongside the street Reeperbahn is turning into a giant SXSW-like festival celebrating music, film, shows, visual arts and spoken word in more than 600 events and over 70 venues. Truly an overwhelming setup for the course of four days.

Luckily Team Poule has your back – with regard to the musical programming. One of the hottest commodities out there right now is Angolan/Congolese new wave machine Petite Noir who has been under close surveillance by Team Poule since late 2012 and after a handful of EPs just released his colossal debut album La Vie Est Belle/Life is Beautiful last week on Domino Records. Attached below is his latest single MDR – which is the french equivalent of LOL and a smooth very upbeat pop number. Petite Noir cites Kanye’s 808s album as his key influence – an album that rates highly with Team Poule as well. His energetic mix of genres and easy on the ears tunes should be a banger to watch on a stage.

Petite Noir is playing Friday night, 00h15 at Nochtspeicher.

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