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Trailerpark Festival 2015 – The Debrief

rangleklods_trailerparkCopenhagen has to be one of the completest cities in Europe, and the world even. The air has this clear and clean feel to it, bike lanes are wider than the streets, people are the nicest you could imagine and everything just looks really aesthetic. Nicely set in this piece of paradise is Trailerpark Festival which happened last weekend over the course of three days and nights. Among the great sort of head liners in an almost exclusively Danish line-up were Kwamie Liv, Oh Land, Silvana Imam, Den Sorte Skole and Rangleklods who all delivered brilliant performances on the stages which were all set in the Copenhagen Skatepark. Especially Rangleklods’ live show is an absolute standout, pictured above. The current single Schoolgirls is attached below and off their great album Straitjacket which came out in spring. Beyond.

Another banger not to be missed were super stars Blaue Blume. The boys threw down yet another perfect set and you could really tell they know their ways around a stage. Their drummer Sam also put in a helping hand in Taragana Pyjarama’s set. Their electronic soundscapes gained miles on that stage with the addition of a live drum set – and yet again the cleverly designed main stage that features illuminated triangles and massive lights gave the perfect visuals. Like a space ships landing, pictured below during Taragana’s stellar set. Their new album is out now.


Team Poule hot tips Shadow Age and Emil Germ played their hearts out on Thursday afternoon spots, setting the mood for a packed line-up. Danish trio Waitress played a banging set opening set for Friday’s actions. Honorable mentions also include Attic Sleepers and their powerful sort of folk sound, German legends Roosevelt, Av Av Av and their fun machine and last but not least the magnificence of First Hate. Who, despite their somewhat vicious name, delivered a friendly and marvelous synth and drum fused set on Saturday night, at full-on prime time. Attached below is photographic evidence of their illuminated and illuminating set as well as their monster single Girls In The Club off their debut EP that came out last year.


And that only was the music really. The eponymous trailers were once again creating a very special atmosphere around the cozy festival area. The custom built interiors of old caravans are one by one like the view into somebody’s mind. From confetti to heart beats, it was great fun. Also, for the first time this year’s festival featured Input/Output, a creative line of work shops, presentations, interactive sessions, talks and exhibitions. All centered around the worlds of art, music, design and technology: a hot bed of innovation and positive energy for the world of tomorrow.

So, if you ever look for yet another reason to visit Denmark’s fair capital Trailerpark Festival has you covered. And really, every festival should be held on solid ground. If you will have us, Trailerpark, we will be back next year.

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