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morceau du jour: Gents – Brother

You know this feeling when nobody told you there would be a pool and you obviously didn’t think of bringing your trunks? Well, hah. Gents there certainly look like their playing with an idea though. As a mere fact then comes the arrival of their debut album About Time by the end of this week, on April 7 via The Big Oil Recording Company. Attached below is Brother, the latest and total treat by Gents. After their stellar EP Embrace The Future from 2015, their new tunes sounds even more balanced, and have just the right sense for tempo and rhythms. The infectious 80s spin of pop music and those driving baritone vocals are just that drop of delight you need on those crystal evenings April is known for.

The two just returned to Denmark from a larger European line of shows that saw them play on stages in London and Berlin. Furthermore, the team will be part of a pre-party for SPOT Festival in Aarhus next month. Setting the stage on May 4th alongside Liss, First Hate, and more at the Radar venue. May 5th will see them play Pumpehuset in Copenhagen. Team Poule says, got you proper hooked this one.

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