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morceau du jour: Av Av Av – Holla feat. Simon Jul

avavavMadness tunes arriving at Poule HQ by way of Av Av Av – the triangle offense from Copenhagen uniting the highly skilled producers Unkwon, DJ EDDEH and ELOQ. The three of them released a mad EP titled They Live in April  And obviously this is a treat you would want to see on a stage.

You are in luck of course because they are going to play Roskilde next Sunday, June 28. In July they can be seen at infamous Appletree Festival in German nest Diepholz before playing good old Dockville Festival in Hamburg in August. In between they will be turning the discs at Copenhagen’s own Trailerpark Festival – home field advantage for that one. Hit play on Holla which is attached below but can’t be found on said EP.

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