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video du jour: Many Things – Burn Together

Many_ThingsSort of a premiere for this one. Many Things‘ latest visual musing are already up on Clash Music but here Team Poule got a go ahead for the German exclusive. So listen up fellow dot-de’ers: Many Things got a red hot new single out and they got this great, great video going along with it – directed by I Owe Youth, produced by Natasha Farrar. It features a gentlemen, dressed in lady’s clothes – if that doesn’t tickle your fancy what will.

And mostly it’s their music which gives you the goose bumps, spectacularly produced while still straight forward banging rock music and then there is this voice. Just beautiful and the latest Burn Together neatly follows  their stream of phenomenal singles. Can’t wait to hear that debut album, also titled Burn Together will be out this summer and in the meantime, check out this feel good anthem and appreciate life, or so.

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