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premiere du jour: Torkelsen – Nattbuss

torkelsenA world exclusive this one: Norwegian’s delicious indie label Sellout Music are celebrating their 10 year anniversary and they are honouring themselves with a beautiful compilation album titled Northern Reexposure for which the fine names on their roster sampled tracks that were on the very first Sellout release a decade ago: Kenneth Ishak’s Northern Exposure. Team Poule is proud to be hosting the premiere of beat wizard Torkelsen’s take on Nattbuss.

Northern Reexposure features tracks by Torkelsen, Snasen, Pandreas, Benjamin Finger, Texten, Violet Dream and Safariari and it will be out digitally on December 19th, 2014. A family record and ace Christmas present by Team Poule standards. Hit play and swoon in the marvelous catchiness that is Torkelsen.

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