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playlist du jour: Sommarhjärta – Best French Indie/Electro

french-indie-electro-playlistLovers of a good playlist – here is something that will tickle your fancy. Swedish indie label Sommarhjärta has a rather inspiring playlist project going on where they team up with friends and fellow music enthusiasts for curating the best indie playlist. They already have a rather popular one up on Spotify with the best indie tracks from this year. Now they teamed up with fellow music supporter and all around French expert Manon Joly Sibuet to create a joy ride of the best French indie electro tracks that 2014 had to offer. Attached below is the truly wonderful collection of songs that go so well together it give you the goose bumps. Some familiar names and loads of unknowns at least for Team Poule.

Remember when the Kitsuné compilations used to be these great mixtapes and exciting sources of good music? Sommarhjärta and Manon created just that. And it doesn’t stop there. The playlist will be updated every week with the best French tunes out there. Make sure to follow – and hit play on the Spotify playlist below and lose yourself in the grace and glamour that is French indie slash electro. Too good – new poule favorites include Kuage, Paradis, Midori and Tahiti 80.

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  • a December 10, 2014, 1:25 pm

    the new kitsuné? sounds promising

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