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Poule d’Or presents: Sellout! Mix Vol. 1 by Spiny Norman

portugal_selloutNorway’s stellar indie label Sellout! and Poule d’Or teamed up for an all new series of mixtapes. Each month, a member of the extended Sellout! Music family will be putting together a fresh mix and share it with the general public. In a time where most things in life come with strings attached or at least a tracking link, this mixtape series is the proxy server to your average Wednesday night.

First off the roll is Norwegian producer and multi talent Spiny Norman – who will also have an EP out on Sellout next month. This mix though will be among the finest 49 minutes you will probably have spent today: a marvelous collection of dreamy and dancey electronic pop tracks, ranging from 1980s vintages to ones that only just came out. Spiny says his mix “is mostly comprised of tracks from what is in my opinion, three very important groups of electronic musicians. There are the pioneers of the early eighties, the techno wizards who pushed their humble gear to the limits and the synthesists of the present who elegantly capture and channel the heart and soul of both these other groups.”

It is Spiny Norman’s selection that really puts the cats among the mixtape-pigeons, with stellar picks ranging from 1980s Tangerine Dream and Yellow Magic Orchestra to 1990s Caz and Hallucinogen and the rather recent Neon Indian. And then there is the way he managed to put a narrative into those 49 minutes, across genres and decades of styles and music. Chapeau. Let Spiny Norman take you for a ride. Team Poule says, stay relaxed – and bring your chairs into an upright position.

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