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morceau du jour: Toro Y Moi – Ordinary Pleasure

Eternal vagabond and visual artist Toro Y Moi has been a constant in the greater indie spheres for a decade at this point. On his new album Outer Peace he neatly combines his unique sense for melody and tempo changes with a psychedelic view of the here and now, creating a mesmerizing soundtrack to our times, carried by pounding beats and drums.

The LP is his sixth release with DC’s Carpark Records since signing with them in 2009 for his striking debut Causers Of This. Looking back at his collected works with them over the years, his catalogue does bear a certain resemblance to Kanye’s (early) efforts – before becoming all Ye – in its versatility, innovation, and ultimately character. Let Outer Peace be Toro’s Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy then, with the banging single Ordinary Pleasure attached below.

Toro Y Moi is taking his works on tour, literally across the globe, right now, making a stop in Hamburg this Friday, May 31st, with Paris, San Francisco and LA following in June, and a ton of Asian dates after that. Quite the itinerary.

Photo credits above go to the talented Jack Bool, and Jack Bool only.