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Midsommar in Berlin: Summer Heart, Sameblod and .. Pizza

sameblod_summer_heartDoes anyone not like Scandinavia? One of their finest traditions is Midsommar, celebrating the white night, when the sun never really disappears, the shortest night of the year, the beginning of summer. However, Scandinavia is kind of remote and kind of a trip away, so thank you Nordic by Nature, Norr Magazine, Kaltblut and Zitty for simply taking the party to the very easily accessible city of Berlin! For the third time they will host the lovely Berlin Midsommar Festival with a whole raaange of fantastic Swedish games, bands, DJs, foods and drinks.

On June 20th UrbanSpree will be turned into a Scandinavian wonderland with some of their finest musical exports playing live from 4pm: Rytmeklubben, Pooma, Blaue Blume, Ice Cream Cathedral, Sandra Kolstad, Adna and Summer Heart.

And like the shortest night has the longest day, like every yin has its yang, there are David of Summer Heart and Fred of Sameblod. They’ll make the trip to Berlin and bring some fine Swedish Midsommar flavour to UrbanSpree. Now and while Summer Heart is busy recording a new album to take across Europe this summer, Fred and Mike slash Sameblod just released a red hot new single. And because you can never really learn enough from Sweden where they have the locks in their doors upside down and nobody buys at IKEA anymore and because Team Poule is a lazy one, it was decided that the two of them could just interview each other and here is what happened:

Fred (Sameblod): If you could be a cartoon, what cartoon would you be?

David (Summer Heart): A sneaky fox! Or do I have to choose an existing one? In that case I guess I would be Mickey Mouse. That voice would totally sell my tunes!

F: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

D: Fall back to sleep! Haha. Nooo. I don’t know. Drinking espresso? I am a morning person and I love early mornings.

F: If you were stuck on an island for a whole year and you could only listen to 3 albums. What albums?

D: Hmm. I would definitely pick the first Beach Fossils album. I can’t remember what it’s called right now!!?? And then … I would also pick … The Raveonettes – Whip It On and Interpol – Turn on the Bright Lights. Yep. Those are the ones! I don’t even think I would hate them after that year.

F: What kind of music do you like to dance to the most?

D: What kind? Dance music of course!!! Haha. No seriously. Music with a straight beat works best for me. I can’t come up with a certain artist or so. I kind of like club music actually.

F: If you had to choose a country to move to right now, which country and why?

D: Well. I like France a lot. I really like the language. Paris is a wonderful city with lots of great sights and lovely cafés. I really like the UK as well. The London music scene seems to be pretty amazing. Hmm. Hard one. At least it has to be a really inspiring place where I am able to create lots of tunessss.

D: Speaking of making music. What got you into music in the first place?

F: My brothers. My big brother made me play the drums but later on I got into the guitar and other instruments. It all was competition at first to be honest.
After a few months me and my friend Alex begun playing songs together. Our music teacher encouraged us to keep it up and we have ever since.

D: You play in that cool band Sameblod. But what does the name Sameblod really mean?

F: Like a Scandinavian version of a native american. That’s what a Same is. Blod translated = blood. It sounds much cooler in Swedish, hehehhehheh. (✿◠‿◠)

D: What does your songwriting process look like?

F: It’s different. Sometimes I get quite drunk and record stuff I come up with at the time. Sometimes I have a certain idea and I’ll record everything on my phone and puzzle it all in the computer.

D: Ok. Hmm. What’s your fav food these days?

F: Pizza. Hands down. But If I’ll have to choose a second place it would probably be falafel and chocolate milk.

D: Haha. Yeah. I knew it. You’re a real pizzaboi!

D: Ok so what are you up to in 2020?

F: Maybe living in London or Paris eating pizza and making albums with you.

D: Yeeey! :D <3

Pizza, Paris and good music – doesn’t sound so bad does it. Catch them both in Berlin for Midsommar Festival. It’s gonna be like Kim and Kanye’s wedding party. Except not in Florence. And with a Maypole.

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