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morceau du jour: Goodbye Chanel – Abzarokee Springs

Saber_Exercises,_Crow_Indian_Troop_1st_Cavalry,_Ft._Custer_Montana_1892Ahh Goodbye Chanel is such a raw diamond. He released a handful of songs a year ago – and then, nothing much happened after that. Until this badboy came out last month. Abzarokee Springs has these brilliant riffs, it’s an absolute pleasure. 5 minutes 4 seconds of bliss. Hit play.

Absarokee by the way, actually is in Montana and judged by a quick google image search the sunsets can be quite spectacular. Even though, sunsets usually are. Here is a bit of Absarokee trivia for you: the first post office was established on December 16, 1892, Sever Simonson served as the postmaster. You’re welcome historians.

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