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morceau du jour: Denai Moore – Flaws

Nothing like a lazy Sunday afternoon in December. It’s snowing outside, it’s getting dark by 4pm. And it could all be very depressing IF it wasn’t a Sunday and IF Denai Moore hadn’t just landed in the Poule’s inbox. Flaws is just the right soundtrack for today, a beautiful mix of folk and soul. Denai Moore, who was born in Jamaica in 1993 and moved to London ten years ago, is just finishing her debut EP, which will be out and available next month. Exciting!

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  • Denai Moore December 9, 2012, 2:53 pm

    Another Blog Has Written About Flaws! This Is Crazyy, Thank You Everyone That Has Taken Their Time To Listen To This Song I Recorded Months Ago! De, xx

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