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morceau du jour: Iberia – An Ending

Get the oven mitts, this one is hot and fresh. A tad bit late though, An Ending premiered on Jarri's Naive Disco last week. But it's too good not to share it again. Dreamy underwater music by Swedish duo Iberia - who are not Spanish. Whalewave, anyone? Iberia is the new band of the artist and producer Alexander Palmestål (Die Neue Mythologen, Pistol Disco, producer of Ikons) and Maja Milner of Makthaverskan.

Also make no mistake and watch THIS VIDEO they made for it - using epic footage of a French Monsieur in goggles holding his breath for a very long time, ring a bell? Either way, the duo is busy recording an album which will be out on Hybris in spring next year.

[soundcloud width=640 url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/67796596" iframe="true" /]

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