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morceau du jour: CTM – Jewel

So, the Poule is not a big expert on movies, like at all. Name a popular movie and I probably haven’t seen it. However, a movie I have seen (and enjoyed) is The Big Blue (or Le Grand Bleu for you French folks) by Luc Besson from 1988 starring Jean Reno and Jean-Marc Barre as apnoe divers. It’s a beautiful movie, great pictures. The soundtrack to that movie is absolutely wonderful too, composed by Eric Serra.

Before this gets off-topic, enter Cæcilie Trier from Copenhagen. Going by CTM, she started her solo career – with that video above – after playing in a couple of bands all nicely listed in the press release, Choir of Young Believers anyone? So and Jewel, the brilliant song above, totally sounds like it’s from that Luc Besson movie. Hit play and imagine a young Jean Reno in speedos holding his breath for a very long time. Hah! Now, before you lose yourself, her debut EP Variations will be out November 5th January 28th. Put that in your calendar.

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