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Poule d’Or Compilation #9

Et boum..! C’est le choc! Number Nine! Just like that. Poule d’Or opens the flood gates to its ninth compilation. 14 intensive tracks, handpicked and curated with nothing but love.

Multiple Thank You notes go out to all the artists and their labels and PRs for wanting to be a part of this ninth installment. Most importantly though, thanks to YOU (yes – you reading this) for downloading the past 8 editions more than six thousand times!

Meanwhile, the entire team of Poule d’Or (read: just me) is in California right now and teamed up with Lucy vs. the Globe to gypsy across the US via Austin and SXSW. If you are interested in being interviewed or just want to grab a drink > get in touch, we are touring selected cities. More info here.

If you dig the compilation and the idea of Lucy vs. the Globe and Poule d’Or going a road trip together > feel free to throw some $$$ in our faces. Thank you. Now back to our regular program:

– tracklist –

 1. Sameblod – Loud | Totally in love with Sameblod, their EP ‘Our Future’ totally made 2011 for me. This is a track that didn’t make the cut for their debut album which should be out in spring. DID NOT EVEN MAKE THE CUT! Actually did make the cut. Still. SO pumped for that album. | Stockholm, Sweden | facebook | bandcamp

2. Equateur – Haunted | Haunted is the first release of this young parisian duo. Sugar sweet electropop with that distinctive 80s vibe. Their debut EP is set for release later this year. | Paris, France | facebook

3. Get People – Macaw | Loving the the dreamy pop sounds of this English trio. A full length album is said to be in the works. | London, United Kingdom | facebook

4. Belle Ville – Opium | The dreamy melding of Kirk insane production and Line’s marvelous vocals is just perfect. On top of that they are the nicest people you can imagine. Their brilliant debut EP is out now through Traust Records, limited physical copies directly through the band. | Copenhagen, Denmark | facebook | buy EP

5. Gemini Club – By Surprise | New single by indie-electronica three-piece Gemini Club. The dance floor is their home. | Chicago, Illinois | facebook

6. Waylayers – Weightless | This track is off their absolutely wonderful EP from last year. If you find them playing a venue near you, totally check them out. Epic live set. | London, United Kingdom | facebook

7. Breton – Ordnance Survey | Oh Breton and their intoxicating sounds. Seems like they were babies just a few months ago, and now they have an epic tour lined up through Europe and the US. Check their dates. | London, United Kingdom | facebook

8. Happy Handy Club – I’m Not An Antidote | This Swedish super group released an EP last year that totally slipped my radar. This is its opening track, finest post-pop with the distinctive Swedish appeal. Beautiful. | Gothenburg, Sweden | facebook

9. San Cisco – Rocket Ship | One of the fastest rising stars in the 2012 indie pop sky. The four offensively young Australians already accumulated quite a following back home, prepare to dance to their music throughout the year, across the globe. | Melbourne, Australia | facebook

10. Arbor Glades – Choose Words | One of those inboxes that totally make your day. Lovely indie pop and a ridiculously low amount of facebook fans (33 – writing this). This track is off their wonderful EP Coming Home, could have easily chosen any of its five tracks. | Montréal, Canada | facebook | bandcamp

11. Bravestation – Signs Of The Civilzed | After well over a year of radio silence the tribal-pop quartet returns with this badboy of a song. Loving it sick. Their debut album will be out this year. Super excited for it. | Toronto, Canada | facebook

12. Kids – My Sincerest Apologies | Kids are another one of those surprising finds that make your day. Their music is exceptionally well produced and yet totally overlooked with a mere 25 fans on facebook. Time to change that. Their stunning debut EP is available now. | Stockholm, Sweden | facebook

13. Freedom Fry – Tallest Dreams | Soothing, dreamy pop sounds by this native-French and US duo. Minimal sound of driving beats and charming vocals. | Los Angeles, California | facebook

14. Mitten – Cavalcade | Ugh, love Mitten. Joanna and Maia are simply amazing. This track is off their astonishing debut EP See You Bye. Got so much mileage out of that one, for sale on bandcamp. | facebook | buy EP

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