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Photo-Interview #6: Waskerley Way

Waskerley Way – Gâteau

Mikey B has released three marvelous EPs under his moniker Waskerley Way. They’re all cat-themed, packed with gazing glam pop and up for download through his MySpace page (#1 Holly and #2 Cat Music) and bandcamp page (#3 Energy Legs). On a side note: He keeps close ties with the up and coming fashion label Forty Ounce Clothing – check their online shop, exquisite! Anyway, time now for another photo-interview. Mikey took the time and effort and shot all the photos himself, thanks for going the extra mile, mate! The result is a very personal look of Waskerley Way on Waskerley Way.. so cool:

Where are you from?

Newcastle, England

What does your “studio” look like?

Computer, tape machine, microphone, noisy bits and bats…

What would be the ideal environment to listen to your music?

Really serene but rather cold place I wandered to recently when I visited the Yorkshire Dales with my girlfriend.

What’s the view from your kitchen window?

Not a particularly beguiling scene!

What instruments do you play?

My guitars and clarinet.

What do you do to have fun? Besides music.

Eating things, of course. I helped make a vegetable crumble and a cheesecake the other day.

Thanks for taking the time, Mikey!


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