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Reeperbahn Festival 2022: John Moods

What time is it? It’s time to Reeperbahn Festival! The charming fella above is set to play his enchanting tunes on Wednesday, September 21st, in the mighty caves of Nochtspeicher, 21h40. Berlin’s own John Moods here is no stranger to the audiences of Team Poule, having shared some exclusive insights into his inner processes and workings for the 21st edition of our Photo-Interview series, back in August last year.

In the meantime, he released a high quality stream of singles, via the brilliant taste making hub that is Mansions and Millions. Attached below is his latest track, Atlantic Station, which will be on his upcoming album The Great Design. If you like this, make sure you follow our rotating Spotify playlist for the hottest tunes out right now.

John Moods is currently touring Germany, playing Berlin and Leipzig after this, before then adding extensive dates in the Scotland, England and France in December with Glasgow, Edinburgh, Brighton and London (Dec 10) as well as Paris (Dec 12) on the route.

All photo credits above go to the talented Patrick Stein.