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Reeperbahn Festival 2022: Donna Blue

Dreamy dutch all stars Donna Blue are all set and ready to get on their little tour bus to cruise across Germany this week, playing Documenta’s Kassel on Friday and Berlin on Saturday. Next week then, a stop at Hamburg’s prestigious Reeperbahn Festivalpresented by Poule d’Or and our dear colleagues and friends. The crisp riffs and gleaming vibes will fit right into the shiny halls of Uwe, on Saturday night, 00:30.

Their smooth debut album titled Dark Roses came out in May via Snowstar Records in Utrecht, and features some of the most romantic and dark yet uplifting tunes you will find this side of the pond. See exhibit A attached below, in A Lover In Disguise off their debut LP. Check all their tour dates, right here.

Photo credits above go to Philine van den Hul, and her only.