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morceau du jour: Ten Fé – Won’t Happen

British group Ten Fé have a history of carefully constructing sun drenched riffs and lush summer vibes, serving their hungry audience in style. With a debut album under their leather belts, the five of them have now put out their luring second album titled Future Perfect, Present Tense, via Some Kinda Love/PIAS.

Won’t Happen is the first single and a prime example of the kind of open road and sky slitting horizon type of pop music these guys excel at producing. The group is already half way through a full-on European tour, taking their new writings for a spin across the continent. They are penciled in to arrive in Berlin, May 11, Hamburg, May 13, Cologne, May 14 with Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam after that.

Photo credits go to the talented Eleanor Hardwick.