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Reeperbahn Festival 2018: L’Impératrice

Hamburg’s history laden Reeperbahn street is playing host to the international music scene again, for four days of concerts, arts and education. September 19-22 will see the thirteenth edition of this ever growing spectacle that is Reeperbahn Festival. Over 500 bands are scheduled to play a total exceeding 600 concerts in over 40 venues on and around Reeperbahn, from world war bunkers and medieval churches to river boats and the shiny hall of the Elbphilharmonie opera.

France is being the partner country of this year’s events and sent over more almost 50 musicians and bands to celebrate La Grande Nation’s musical output. If you only manage to see one of the neighbours, make it the curlers that are L’Impératrice. The energetic group has a handful of releases under their belts, and are bursting with anticipation. Find evidence in Là-haut, off their EP Dreaming Of You from March this year, attached below. They will be playing Häkken on Wednesday, 19h20, and Molotow Sky Bar on Thursday, 22h20.

All photo credits above go to the one and only, Chloé Nicosia.