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morceau du jour: Creams – Anthropocene

The term anthropocene describes the current time in the history of nature and geology during which its development is largely influenced by human activities, such as the extraction and burning of fossil fuels, or this new single by German powerhouse Creams. Their latest single does leave a quite positive footprint on nature and its surroundings though, with dreamy riffs, a high speed melody and a healthy does of reverb. It comes off their very sustainable new album Olympic II that is out now, via Hidden Structures and Sportklub Rotter Damm.

Better still, the group is currently out and about, leaving their mark on mother Earth on their European tour, playing tunes in Germany, France, Poland, the Baltics as well as Switzerland in the progress, ignoring national borders and jurisdictions, much like climate change. Team Poule says, hang in there.

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