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Fixed Fare: A playlist for your holiday commutes

One last hoorah in 2017, attached below comes a selection of late additions to your year-ends lists, a warm musical companion for your drive home for Christmas. Fixed Fare is the latest in our little playlist series Bright Clouds, and up on Spotify and SoundCloud for your steaming pleasures.

Still ParadeShould Have Known. Buzzing new single off his upcoming EP Kindness – out December 15th, so don’t finish your best-of lists just yet. Berlin, Germany.

Camarano – Somebody Else. Coming straight from the steaming down under summer this one, a dreamer and off his upcoming 2018 EP. Perth, Australia.

Pure Mids – Maybe It’s Alright. Positive vibes and healthy drums on the wire from this trio, their debut EP Optimistic-ism is ear-marked with a 2018 release date via Dreamtime Palace. Los Angeles, California.

Men I Trust – I Hope To Be Around. The trio’s latest gem and dreamy offering, telling the story overcoming the limits of the human lifespan in order to see the future and find meaning. Holiday spirits, right there. Montreal, Canada.

Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skullsperson – Green Hang Ten. A gentle pop jam with a pure and positive vibe that really whips the llama’s ass. Single off their debut album Weightless Knight coming out next year. Stockholm, Sweden.

Stevie Wolf Who. Hectic indie gem by the man describing himself as Jack Garrett minus the beard with better lyrics and a healthy dose of sexual ambiguity. You are in for a treat. Boulder, Colorado.

Foreverandever<3 – So Real. Music from the future, dreamy pop from the computer age driven by a banging drum machine and effects-laden vocals. First single after his EP Late walk/Spacewalk from earlier this year. Stockholm, Sweden.

Newmen – Debbie Harry. Red hot new single, by the old nemesis. Wonderful synthy new wave, driving like Tiger Woods in 2000, bang. Frankfurt, Germany.

Worlds – Strange Feeling. Great new dreamy pop piece by the duo made in heaven of Antoine Diligent and Blondfire, a perfect driver song. An album is said to be in the making. Los Angeles, California.

Deep Sea Peach Tree – Strawberry Milk. Hugging indie pop with an embracing view on life and times, lovely vibes all around. New York.

Pontus Wallgren – About Me. Enchanting indie pop with a Scandinavian twist, powerful drums and riffs, a good handful of reverb, and the great Julia Bjernelind. Göteborg, Sweden.

Argonaut & Wasp – Psychedelic Freak. Mad riffs and a great melody that really gets you moving in these times of the year. Rock and roller. Brooklyn, New York.

Silver Liz – If We Stay. Shoegaze’y pop with a medal to the metal, jangly lush guitar and rich chords that catapult you right into that holiday feeling. The husband and wife duo’s debut album came out in October. Chicago, Illinois.

No Kind Of Rider – Distinct. The five-piece gives away their upcoming dark pop single, which start out quite slow but then gets drummed up nicely. Proper driver song this. Portland, Oregon.

So there you have it, quite the heavyweight at 14 tracks, but if you are looking at a longish holiday commute, Fixed Fare might be just what you were looking for. Stream away via on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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