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morceau du jour: Phantoms vs Fire – The Gloaming Swell

Deep and hazy electronic grooves coming in from Italian by way of Brazil composer and visual artist Phantoms vs. Fire. Straight underwater music, and much like life below the surface, this one is singing to its own story and rhythm, as he himself puts it:

The main synth riff is made to sound like a ghost singing – the chorus is meant to sound like the ghost is singing “Pleeease, sing with me” [2:18 – 2:21] (if that makes sense). At 0:36 there’s a break with strings before the song gets to its regular speed, the moment when the ghost realizes being a ghost is not that bad because he doesn’t need to please anyone anymore. At 4:00 the second and last chorus kicks in with and starts blending with the string session (4:30). 4:45 the strings fill the headphones. Everyone sang along with the ghost, he’s ready to dance in the afterlife.

What a beaut. The track comes off his epic album Swim, which nicely swings between deep synths and palmy drums, and is out now on Hypersoma Records. Team Poule says, worlds collide.

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