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Miracle Whips: a playlist for your sandy explorations

Here we go for the month of July! A fine selection of 15 new and rising tracks in our little Bright Clouds series. Find the other ones here, they’re all up on Soundcloud and Spotify. So, July is probably a month for the outdoorsy activities and one in desperate need of a soundtrack setting the mood, setting the scene. Here then come 15 contenders and 15 names for you to tangent off from. The list goes like this – and is out now on Soundcloud and Spotify

Groves – DREAMY South London band via Manchester, UK, latest member of the PIAS family.

Orchin – FUZZY group from Los Angeles, California, currently touring the US

ABADABAD – POPPY indie super group out of Boston, Massachusetts.

The Ruby Suns – REFRESHING ensemble from Oslo, Norway

Beauty Sleep – GENTLE trio out of Belfast, Northern Ireland

Cult Exciter – CARIBBEAN duo based in Los Angeles, California, debut EP out now

Foliage – SANDY solo out of San Bernadino, California, new track out next week

Amparo – CHILL lo-fi waves out of Arizona, new EP Isolated Islands out now.

Bodebrixen – JAZZY duo from Copenhagen, Denmark, premiered at Poule d’Or what!

Memoryy – LEGENDARY producer out of Brooklyn, NY via Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Best Friend – FUNKY production trio from London, UK

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – GRAND seigneurs from New York City, new album out this summer

Leiik – ELEGANT vocals and electronica out of South London, UK

Jakob Ogawa – SMOOTH one man phenomenon from Oslo, Norway

Hater – GARAGE nostalgia jams from Malmö, Sweden, premiered on the great Gorilla vs. Bear.


And now, take it away. The list is up on Soundcloud and Spotify for you to follow. Team Poule says, give give give.

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