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morceau du jour: Kapnorth – A Helping Hand

Kapnorth_press_quer3Did you know, that the Niesenbahn in the Swiss Kandertal is the longest continuous-cable funicular in Europe? Switzerland huh, they sure love a good cable funicular. Coincidentally, Kapnorth, the snowy ensemble up left, hail from just that corner of the Earth. And not only that, they just announced the release of their second album yet, mind you, titled Dematerialze. Quite charmingly, the new album will contain 10 songs and for each song a video artist has directed a video. Now and here comes the kicker: all of them added up will make a full on movie to be shown in selected cinemas September 20th! I hope your cinema will be selected. In the meantime, the album is set to be released May 1st.

First video off the chain is A Helping Hand, produced by Formax Void. Team Poule says, a helping hand can never be wrong.

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