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premiere du jour: Brett – On Account Of Your Love (video)

brett (1)Actually proud as a little penguin for this premiere. Attached below you find the new video by Los Angeles based ensemble Brett – the group of four gentlemen pictured above. Brett sport an intriguing mix of 80s pop vibes and dreamy spherical synths that just make you want to hop in your Testarossa and ride off into the sunset. The video now comes in all hot and fresh from Sweden, by the very talented Jonas Börjesson: a fuzzy, sort of tripping, psychedelic cascade of colours that – like a good video should – beautifully enhances the whole artistic experience of the music itself.

On Account Of Your Love is off Brett’s last EP which is out on Chill Mega Chill. They are busy finishing their next release which will be out on the legendary Cascine label in March, with the first single to be out Tuesday next week, Feb 9th. Team Poule seriously approves of this.

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