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Rad & New: NOTE – Love & Indifference

NOTENow, here is something that Team Poule has been meaning to put in the spotlight for a long time. NOTE, one half of duo League of Extraordinary Gentlemen which he forms with When Saints Go Machine producer Simon, released his debut album Love & Indifference back in March. And before you get all rah rah rah rap music, sit down for a minute and give this one a proper listen. At 19 tracks Love & Indifference comes in as quite the heavy weight but as soon as you hit play you sail right though it. A wonderful range of vast, deep electronic beats going from slow and funky to almost techno bpms at times which makes it a really enjoyable album to listen to.

Furthermore, the instrumental diversity is always anchored by NOTE’s deep voice that so perfectly matches its musical surroundings. NOTE goes from talking, rapping, singing to simply complementing the beats, somewhat turning the voice into another instrument, merging with the music. More than a mere ‘rap’ album NOTE’s Love & Indifference is an all around modern and thus ultimately pop music album. A proper piece of art and the perfect soundtrack to whatever activity you fancy, making it both rad and new. Love & Indifference is out now on Proximal Records and up on Bandcamp. Attached below is Stand Or Fall Part 2, produced by Hanssen. A standout track on the album, space music, so good.

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  • Cook June 24, 2015, 11:40 pm

    Word. In a world of current whack ass rap, where these ‘artists’ (haha) recycle the same weak lyric, The League’s space age gangster shit is on another plane. It’s not your everyday sound, it’s really out there, and that’s a relief. THANK YOU to Note and Simon for giving us some shit to ride to.

    • poule June 24, 2015, 11:41 pm

      Truth! Thank you Cook.

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