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SPOT Festival 2015: Pool

POOLHamburg, where The Beatles played first. And here come casual Hamburgers Pool and with them a pounding indie pop sound and a guitar that makes all the difference – and a range of highly questionable press shots, shirtless, in pastel coloured suits. But let’s not hold that against them. They do sport a quite pastel coloured and refreshing sound making them a sizzling hot tip for Spot Festival in Aarhus. Pool and Hamburg and Hamburg and Poule. What more could you want really. Pool will be playing Radar on Satuday, 20h30.

Attached is their sleak produced new single State Of Mind: lebensbejahend as it gets. And not only that, the trio will also continue a full-on German tour in June along with gigs at Melt Festival and Dockville this summer. Gonna a Pool summer for sure. Their debut album Snacks & Supplies is out now.

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