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Sardine: a playlist for your twilight ride

sardineHave you ever eaten Sardines straight from the can? If so, you will be familiar with that sudden and happy feeling of surprise finding ever one or two more of the salty delicacies hiding inside that from outside seemingly small aluminum colosseum. Salty delicacies then, are just what Poule d’Or is all about. And just like a can of oily fish comes along this new playlist covering no less that 24 songs. Quite the heavy weight. But bear with me just a second. It is a carefully selected collection of the hottest tunes out there, no less.

Featuring Los Angeles’ fast breaking Small Forward, smooth forwards Fiancé from Delaware, old mates Art Bloc and Castlebeat, Canadian producer Benjamin Munoz, flawless Jordan Dean Riddle out of Portland, US diamonds Sibling, London’s high flying PotéKOWL who makes Bill Clinton blush, Brooklyn’s Kent Odessa, smooth operators Minden, as well as banging indie pop by Swiss Antipods and Germans Pool, just to name a few. So, in absence of a new compilation, please enjoy this careful SoundCloud curation. Team Poule says, the key is, to always spread the love.

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