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premiere du jour: Goldie Chorus – Struggling Hearts

Smooth synths, soul grooves, vocals in the Bowie-vein. Copenhagen trio Goldie Chorus seem to have it all. Struggling Hearts is their latest single and the video above a world exclusive, right here at Poule d’Or, embedded for your convenience. Hat-tip to Tobias Kiel, Uffe Dalskov, Kristian Paulsen and Anne Gry Kristensen for creating very fitting 80s-style Rick Astley visuals to this song.

Struggling Hearts is out this Monday, March 23, on Antiphonics – and prelude to a new EP to be released later this year. Goldie Chorus say they’d be an uptempo Air with more edgy production – which probably isn’t so wrong. However, on the upcoming EP they showcase a much more diverse, and beautifully crisp produced range of pop music – all under the heavy 80s influence these times have. A great single, and great EP to look forward to on a Scandinavian summer festivals this year.

Also, if you are in Copenhagen today – they are playing Drone at 9, sharing a stage with Team Poule favorites Palace Winter

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