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Poule d’Or turns 5 – A Pouliversary

birthday-cake-pouleJoyeux Pouliversary to Team Poule! Five years ago this whole extravaganza started and surprisingly it’s still going strong! A massive Thank You to all you readers across the world for making this ride the ride it is! And ‘across the world’ actually couldn’t be more true. Poule d’Or really has become a global operation. The past year saw visitors surfing the web of Poule from 114 countries! From Panama and Nepal to Europe and the United States, the search for good music is the common denominator and we at Team Poule are very happy to be a part of it.

Another Thank You goes out to all the festivals that made the past year a special and very professional one. From SPOT Festival in lovely Aarhus to Roskilde Festival, Unknown Festival in sunny Croatia, Route du Rock in Saint Malo, Way Out West in sweet Göteborg along with Melt Festival in Germany and of course Reeperbahn Festival and MS Dockville in our hub Hamburg. Can’t wait to get 2015 going and see new exciting bands popping up and playing in front of small and big audiences.

Providing the soundtrack to the fifth birthday is Swedish group Museum Of Bellas Artes. The trio has been one of the first supporters of Poule d’Or and only a few weeks ago sadly declared they’d call it a day. So this is Twine II their last and final single in that formation – and absolute beaut and what a high note to end on.

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