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morceau du jour: Kleerup – Let Me In feat. Susanne Sundfør

kleerupNow here is someone who has been around for ages making good music for himself as well as other people and yet, and yet it feels like he’s not been getting the kind of general public recognition that would seem adequate. Anders Kleerup from Stockholm has made a name for himself as one of the finest electro slash pop producers in the Northern hemisphere. For his new EP he brought together the likes of indie sensations Niki & The Dove, Swedish singer and The Knife guest-vocalist Jenny Wilson and lead singer of The Sounds Maya Ivarsson. Furthermore, the EP starts off and finishes with banging instrumental songs that would even make Giorgio Moroder talk about the early days. An absolutely stellar release.

Attached is his latest single and beaut Let Me In featuring Norwegian singer and former Björk background vocalist Susanne Sundfør. All to be found on Kleerup’s new EP titled As If We Never Won – but really, in the end, it’s not about who won or lost.

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