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morceau du jour: DNKL – Battles

dnklSeptember is here! And this week, from Wednesday 3rd to Friday 5th, the lovely love birds of Nordic by Nature and Our/Berlin play host to their very own Our/Berlin Music Week as part of Berlin Music Week. Three days, filled with cold beverages, excellent catering, and of course loads of musical cherries waiting to be picked. One of the more than fifteen bands that are going to play are Göteborg’s DNKL – dark electronic sort spheric pop. Intense.

DNKL are playing Thursday at 8, just after old vagabond Dinner. Also look forward to Adna, Sandra Kolstad, Henrik José and really only the finest of what Scandinavia has to offer. Our/Berlin Music Week starts Wednesday at 3 at Oberhafenkantine.

Connect on facebook, listen to the entire line-up here.

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