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Poule d’Or Compilation #12

Poule d'Or 12

Here we go for yet another compilation, only picked the finest grapes for this one. It’s been a while since number 11 and putting together this new selection took a bit longer that anticipated, but it has been real fun and it’s taking Poule d’Or straight back to its roots. Genuinely happy sharing this collection with you now.

A big thank you to all the artists involved. Really glad having you guys on board. It’s an absolute treat, every time. Also a shout-out to fellow Hamburg music blog Camels & Lions, who has been a stellar source and supporter for this edition. Hat-tip to the camel’s head Nicolas for sublime taste in music and overall swag.

Scroll down to download the set of mp3s for your on-the-go listening pleasures or stream the mix on 8tracks. Here goes the track list, hope you enjoy these songs as much as Team Poule does. Thank you for being here. Shalom.

1. Champions League – Ebiza | Right in the kisser, this one. Sort of tropical, sort of synthy, sort of electronic. All you need. Top of their class, this duo. more… | Paris, France | website

2. Duck House – Automatic | One of Team Poule’s all time favorites: Duck House. This sound, this composition. And then the visuals that go along with it. It’s so much love. more… | Bristol, UK | website

3. J.Koplowitz – My Satisfaction | New solo project by an old mate. Taking it right back to the start with this one. Taken off his new EP, pure bliss. Can’t wait to see where this goes. more… | Seattle, Washington | website

4. Trivial Shields – Renunciation | Smooth vibes and even production on this one. Off his great debut EP, yours via bandcamp. more… | Oakland, California | website

5. PLOY – Triumph | This duo keeps information to a minimum, all we know is this: obey and command! Energetic electronic pop duo, Gil and Justin. more… | Washington, DC | website

6. The Circus House – Tasteless Kisses | Really digging the driving beat on this one. Add those cold vocals, almost psychedelic. The duo has a new album out titled Flesh. Check that out. more… | Denver, Colorado | website

7. Hibou – Hide Away | Dream pop at its very finest. Peter Michel released a great EP last year, here’s to hoping for an album to smooth out to this summer. more… | Seattle, Washington | website

8. My Heart The Brave – Keep Me From It | Total Miike-Snow-feeling on this one. Except it’s just one person, solo project of Caspar from Denmark. How is that even possible. Super good. more… | Copenhagen, Denmark | website

9. The Very First Teenager – Bluedark | One of the finest electronic pop duos out there. This one samples the sweet bejeezus out of you-know-who. TVFT are busily mixing and mastering their new EP right this second – look out for some warm beats this spring. more… | Hamburg, Germany | website

10. Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party – Danger Love (Luke Atlas Remix) | Fun machines TLGLTP shared this track for a previous compilation already, here now surfaced this epic Luke Atlas remix. Pure. more… | Vancouver, Canada | website

11. Haunted Hauses – Hunters | Almost orchestral pop sound and vast synth scapes. Power pop. more… | New York, NY | website

12. Being There – In The Dark | Feel good pop music, the kind that puts a smile on your face. Look out for more from these cool cats. more… | London, UK | website

13. Orca Orca – Ok, Lost | Great dream pop, off his upcoming new EP to be released in March. It’s like a beach party in your ears. more… | Boston, Massachusetts | website

14. Germany Germany – All Of Your Love feat. Kotomi | The man, the legend, Germany Germany. New single off his new album, pure Germany Germany on this one. Plus lovely vocals by Kotomi. Perfection. more… | Victoria, Canada | website

15. Hawkon – Burn Me Down | London seems to be producing a great amount of sort of R&B-fused new electronic music these days. And Hawkon is on top of it. Great vibes. more… | London, UK | website

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