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Rad & New: J.Koplowitz – Doesn’t Groove Like Me

j-koplowitzThis five track EP has easily dominated my iTunes playlists these past few days. It’s very nice to listen to, instantly putting you in a great mood. Which is a noble accomplishment when you’re busy boxing life, moving house, to an all new Poule HQ. Funny enough, San Francisco by way of Seattle’s J. Koplowitz has created this very nice mix of vintage west coast funk and modern electronic, ambient vibes with “the joys of moving to a new city” in mind. Works for me.

And at the same time, [tweetable hashtag=”#jkoplowitz #pouledor”]Doesn’t Groove Like Me sounds like something that was released on Stones Throw[/tweetable]. But it wasn’t (yet) – mind you. Instead, the EP is up for a warm hand shake over at bandcamp. Now and if you think this all sounds somewhat familiar but not at all, you are right onto something. Mr. Koplowitz was part of the great ensemble Beat Connection, one of Team Poule’s favorites in the last couple of years.

So but let’s not get lost in the past, attached is the great opener My Satisfaction. Very hard picking one song out of the five. This Is California for instance does sound like it’s Dam-Funk on there. Doesn’t Groove Like Me is utterly brilliant and yours through bandcamp.

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