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Rad & New: Kisses – Kids In LA

kisses2Been a massive fan of Kisses for some time. Jesse and Zinzi shared a track for the second Poule d’Or compilation three years ago and went on releasing an absolutely phenomenal debut album on french label Maman Records. The couple took a bit of a break from their band then – it seemed at least. At last year’s SXSW Team Poule ran into Zinzi and Jesse who was playing with his other band Princeton. They seemed very excited about recording together again – I mean, look above. They can hardly contain themselves.

So NOW Kids In LA is here and it turned out absolutely phenomenal. Overall the songs are a bit darker and more grown up or serious maybe than on the first album but Kids In LA still carries this great warm feel to it. Washed out guitar lines, catchy riffs and Jesse’s rich, dreamy vocals. Listening feels like being in California, with its warm palmy air – air you can kiss. Also, Zinzi is singing on a couple of songs too now which adds a really lovely layer to their sound.

At nine songs Kids In LA doesn’t really have a standout track. Instead they all go really well together. Kisses just give you this happy sunny feeling which is all you can ask for really. Great album. Attached is the latest single Huddle – happy music.

Kids In LA is out Tuesday, May 14th on Cascine and Splendour.

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