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morceau du jour: Tennis – Diamond Rings

The husband and wife duo Tennis have actually been one of the first coups de coeur in the history of this Poule project, back in 2009. Since then, the team has moved on to its fair share of #1 singles and albums, prime coverage from the New Yorker and NPR to the New York Times, Vogue, TIME and more. Here now comes a further cherry on that cake, Diamond Rings. A lovely dreamy piece of music, taken from their new EP We Can Die Happy that is out now on Mutually Detrimental.

And if you think, well this is all fun and games but CAN they deliver on a stage – then you are in luck! They have a few more dates for 2017 and a major US tour scheduled for January and February next year. Team Poule says, put that in your notebooks.

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