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morceau du jour: Delphic – Baiya

IMG_0877So on Friday Manchester’s Delphic stopped in Hamburg on their European tour – having seen them a couple of times already when they were touring with their first (brilliant) album Team Poule was quite excited. They played an energetic set, again, but it was somewhat surprising to see them play a load of the old songs and only a handful from the new album. Which is great, as the old ones are fantastic, especially live. It does however say something about their new album if you wanted to turn that against them. Which we don’t. The way singer/bassist James Cook is in the music on stage is super good to watch. And then those deep electro lines set in – brilliant.

Haven’t actually had a chance to listen to much of the new album on record but on stage the ones they played were unusually poppy – at least having them right next to the old ones. Either way it was great concert – Delphic certainly still got it. This is Baiya off their new album Collections. Out now. Etc.

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