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morceau du jour: Porij – Figure Skating

Every now and then, a big new chonky chonker comes along. And just in time for the end of the winter olympics, Porij here out of Manchester dropped this spinning slider of a chonky new single titled Figure Skating – oh lawd he comin! The track has a pure grandiosity to it that makes you wish for those divey gig nights again – chances seem good though this time around, as they are set to take this piece (and more, presumably) on the grand tour soon, supporting no other than Metronomy throughout Europe in March and April.

Meanwhile, their presser stresses the point that Porij is to be pronounced like your favorite oatmeal. Rather more firm and solid, they released a dreamy video to go along with it, featuring all star Lynks. Naturally, you can find this track attached below – and alongside many more on our regularly updated Spotify playlist over here.