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morceau exclusif du jour: Summer Heart – Hit Me Up Again (video)

Mega excited to host this. Sweden's darling number one Summer Heart has been blessing us with smooth and chilled summer (d'uh) tunes for almost two years now - he spent the last couple of months recollecting, regrouping, working on new songs and boom: in the midst of European winter David Alexander is releasing the first offspring: Hit Me Up Again! And boo-yaa. 7 seconds into the songs and already loving it. Think the snow outside just melted a little bit. Those warm riffs in the beginning: it's next-level Summer Heart. Pure bliss.

But really it only goes with the visuals - did you hit play? Look at this beautiful video by swedish film maker Jonas Börjesson, head of Pool Sessions. Fantastic. Hiiiiiit meeee uuuuup -- agaaaaain. Stuck in my head. The single will be out and available tomorrow.

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