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morceau du jour: Is Tropical – Oi Peru

is tropicalThe Is Tropicals have been on Poule’s radar from their very beginning, even before Poule d’Or existed – can you imagine?! Life b.P. Anyway, big fan! Then this badboy of a new EP landed in Poule HQ: four brand new tracks, all seemingly evolving around their recent South American endeavors. The trio is busy working on their sophomore album which is supposed to come out later this year. To get their heads clean, they decided to squeeze out some of their more electronic demos and release them, backed up by a few friends, on this EP entitled Flags.

Attached is Oi Peru – the latest single produced by Visions, it comes with an interesting video too. Also don’t miss Venezuela off that EP, produced by our precious friends over at Get People > grab them on Poule 8 and 9.

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