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Rad & New: Karl X Johan – Do You Remember / Get It All

Ouff. This is really really exciting. Sweden’s Karl X Johan have been among Team Poule’s favorites for quite some time now and they have only really released a grand total of two songs over the past two years. Not exactly a whole lot, but quality goes over quantity. Well, good news, hope you’re sitting down because you can DOUBLE that number now!

The duo actually did record new songs, strapped them together and released their first EP last month. With 7 and half minutes playing time, it’s hardly an “extended” play but we’ll take it. The two songs and the cute intro have been on repeat here at Poule HQ – just doesn’t get old. Karl X Johan have this secret ingredient that is really hard to put your finger on. Absolutely loving the new songs.

Do You Remember/ Get It All is out now through Stockholm’s eeemotion. You can find their previous greats Flames and Fantasies on Poule d’Or Compilations 4 and 7 –  both still free for download from the left sidebar.

[soundcloud width=640 url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/2626893″ height=”310″ iframe=”true” /]

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