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New Frontier: S-Type

One of my favorite record labels right now, Glasgow-based LuckyMe, and home of DJs/producers like Lunice, Machinedrum, and co-labelfounder Hudson Mohawke just released ‘Billboard’, the Debut EP of DJ and producer S-Type. In the likes of LuckyMe, S-Type is a hip hop producer with a tendency to electronic music. I don’t know about the video of the lead single…S-Type aka Bobby Perman running through Central Park… but I so groove to his beats. The staggered drums, the melodies, the funk, S-type is giving with his 6-track long EP a solid and strong debut.

I know it’s only Tuesday, but oh I’m ready for the weekend. I’m turning up the speakers really loud, head nodding to S-Type’s beats and I dont care what my office mates think of me weirdo chick right now.

[soundcloud width=640 url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/61813871″ iframe=”true” /]


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