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Rad & New: Germany Germany – Black Mind Empty Heart

The recently retired and miraculously returned-from-the-dead super-Canadian that is Drew Harris released a new album – his sixth! – under the moniker Germany Germany. Being a supporter of Poule d’Or from day one – the first actually – it is always a special day when he is stepping out of his laboratory – in coat and goggles – with some new sounds. Coming from a thunderous debut year where he released more than 50 songs – and all brilliant! – this album is his first release this year and it seems that he took his time with this one.

Having a reputation for exact electronic production and rhythmic dance tracks, Black Mind Empty Heart feels a bit more introspective and closer to the ambient side of Germany Germany’s rich sound spectrum. Standout tracks for the Poule are With You that makes Futurecop look like school children and Not Alone, a dreamy gem that sounds like it took the DeLorean in 1985 and recorded itself on 2012 instruments. Epic.

Germany Germany’s beautiful dark twisted fantasy is available now on bandcamp, there are also a few cassette tapes left. No there aren’t.

Germany Germany – With You feat. Kotomi

More Germany Germany on Poule d’Or.

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