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morceau du jour: Telekaster – Still Life At High Speed

Berlin’s Telekaster played Hamburg the other week for the Filthy Diamonds Festival – which of course was hosted by HeiFi Records and Yours Truly. Telekaster dished up the most fantastic ambient sort of indietronica, think a minimal version of Delphic without vocals. But the best part was their visual set, totally synched up with the music – absolutely stunning.

Unfortunately they don’t have too many songs online, this is their latest single. But it doesn’t really match the epic experience of seeing them live on stage with breaking of waves and dreamy subway footage creating a beautiful and complete work of art.

They are busy recording new stuff, keep your eyes on this place to hear things first. Also check their epic video to last year’s Think Tank to get a glimpse of what they’re all about. They released a 7 inch last week, infos here.

Telekaster – Still Life At High Speeddownload on bandcamp


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