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Poule d’Or Compilation #8

Here we go again: the Poule laid a new golden egg. The eighth installment of the compilation series that has now accumulated more than 5.000 downloads, amazing! Thank you so much for downloading and supporting the artists.

So here is the new selection with 14 tracks, sort of a UK edition. Some new tracks, some old, all special. Thanks for wanting to be a part of this!


1. Rimar – Beginners | Super energetic track by new-R&B gourmet chef Rimar Villaseñor, perfect opener. Snag the whole EP from bandcamp. Life’s a bitch and then you die. | Brooklyn, New York | facebook | bandcamp

2. Total Warr – Sidibabaoué | Our favorite french duo dishes up another drum-fused banger. Sidibabaoué is more than a song, it’s a way of life, a way of thinking. | Paris, France | facebook

3. The Drums – Money (Beat Connection Remix) | Fantastic remix by our good friends Jordan and Reed, turning a good song into something spectacular. Tropical all the way. | Seattle, Washington | facebook

4. Sameblod – Cut The Rope | Amazing song by Sameblod. They came all the way from Stockholm to play at the first Poule d’Or show three weeks ago, kudos for being awesome and the nicest folks. Grab this song on their debut EP from bandcamp, absolutely brilliant. | Stockholm, Sweden | facebook | bandcamp

5. Get People – Colour | Sweet and dreamy track off their sophomore EP, Rain Tears. Too late, too late. Stream the whole thing on their soundcloud, super good. | London, United Kingdom | facebook

6. Nightbox – Relocate You | Oh Nightbox. They were already down for the last compilation, but Kitsuné outpaced la Poule and called dibs. So here now their second single, love love LOVE the intro on this. | Toronto, Canada | facebook

7. Urban Cone – Urban Photograph | Super catchy song by this group of teenagers, summer vibes. Soon I’ll be gone, and you’re not allowed to come. | Stockholm, Sweden | facebook

8. My Tiger My Timing – Endless Summer | What would a Poule d’Or compilation be without the always amazing My Tiger My Timing. Endless Summer is off their hopefully soon to be released debut album. Much love. | London, United Kingdom | facebook

9. The Cads – Club Of Rome | Fantastic song by english indie poppers extraordinaire. Vibrant on stage, go see them live if you have the chance. | Ipswich, United Kingdom | facebook

10. Aviaries – Ribbons | Escape of city lights with Aviaries. Loving this band, they’re so fking underrated. Another great sort of tropical feeling song out of their repertoire. | Leeds, United Kingdom | facebook

11. Swim Deep – Santa Maria | Santa Maria! They’re up to something here. Beautifully rough kind of dreamy vibes on this demo recording. Careful Icarus. West Midlands, United Kingdom | facebook

12. De La Montaña – Pity Party | Quite a mix of cultures in this band with members hailing from Germany, Chile and the United States. Grab their über-fantastic debut album for free on bandcamp. | Ann Arbor, Michigan | facebook | bandcamp

13. Maggie Eckford – For What It’s Worth | Lovely folk kind of pop song by Nashville-born Sydney resident Maggie Eckford. Triple J rates her “as cute as a button, with a quirky Joanna Newsome vibe”. Very much so. | Sydney, Australia | facebook

14. Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party – Danger Love | Beautiful song by Mike Shindler and his Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party, and Oh Donne and her vocals. Wonderful, just wonderful. | Vancouver, Canada | facebook



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