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morceau du jour: Death In The Afternoon – You Have My Devotion

“The chances are that the first bullfight any spectator attends may not be a good one artistically; for that to happen there must be good bullfighters and good bulls; artistic bullfighters and poor bulls do not make interesting fights, for the bullfighter who has ability to do extraordinary things with the bull which are capable of producing the intensest degree of emotion in the spectator but will not attempt them with a bull which he cannot depend on to charge…”

Contrary to Hemingway’s perception, this Death In The Afternoon delivers a premium experience on the first encounter. Bull and bullfighter seem to know what they’re doing here. Christian, David (of The Lost Crew), Linda (David’s sister), Albin and Amanda produce a vivid mix of analog synths, drum machines, drums, distorted electric guitars and understated vocals. Their attitude towards bullfighting however, has not yet been fully manifested.

You can catch them live at L’International in Paris February 26th.

Death In The AfternoonYou Have My Devotion | Buy EP on iTunes

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