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Germany Germany – Remixes Vol. 1

This just in via his tumblr:

So, I thought I’d post all the remixes I’ve done so far.  I’ve been meaning to do some more and release them as well but I got real busy.  I’ll probably do that soon.  Some of these are old (Pulses is from last December or something) so there might be a little difference in style between them all.  Ah well.

track listing:
1. RUFUS – We Left (Germany Germany remix)
2. Germany Germany – Berlin (feat. Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party)
3. Dear Paris – Tokyo (Germany Germany remix)
4. Crystal Castles – Baptism (Germany Germany remix)
5. Germany Germany – Pulses (Digitalism vs. The 80’s)
6. Futurecop! – Venice Beach (Germany Germany remix)
7. Death Cab for Cutie – The New Year (Germany Germany remix)
8. Sutja Gutierrez – Ah, No (Germany Germany remix)

download here


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