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Poule d’Or advent calendar #24

Surprise, surprise. The 24th door of the advent calendar has an all fresh and new compilation in store for you:

The usual Thank-Yous go out to all the artists involved. Thanks for making great music and thanks for supporting Poule d’Or by sharing your beautiful tracks with us! A special thank you to Drew Harris, founder of Distorted Disco Records and man behind Germany Germany, for his support during the whole year of 2010. His continuous visions and ideas motivated much of what happened at pouledor.com. Take a look at the blog he and Matt from BIRP just started called I Used To Dream.

The artwork for this edition was beautifully curated by my friend Camille Balenieri, owner and photographer at LE CHARIVARI. Thank you Camille! Check out her awesome website, it’s the real deal.

This collection had a slightly different approach to it. It’s more introverted than the previous selections, so you might only really enjoy it on the second or third listen. Hope you will like it nevertheless.


Track listings

1. Rude Gentlemen – Sitting Lonely
// Nothing rude about them. Sugary electro pop with a sad nuance to it. Sounds a bit like Travis on LSD. ‘Hoping for that door to make a sound.’ // Cicero, Illinois / facebooktwittersoundcloud

2. Conner Youngblood – Monsters // Monsters sounds like it was left off The xx’s debut album.. beautiful in its minimalism. Love it. // Dallas, Texas / MySpace / soundcloud

3. Diamond Messages – Liquid Summer // They used to be duo, now Jason is managing things on his own. To phrase it using the words of a friend: “This track gently tugs at the deepest part of you — causing you to dream and drift away to a place where you can reminisce about times past.” / Miami, Florida / homepage / soundcloud

4. Germany Germany – Compliments (Bloc Party cover) // Drew Harris packed his flying circus and re-imagined this Bloc Party classic. Good. So good. / Victoria, Canada / facebook / homepage /twitter

5. Sutja Gutiérrez – Ah, No (Germany Germany remix) // One half of The Fruhstucks and Germany Germany: soooo awesome listening to these two geniuses on one song. Brilliant combo, more please. // Castellón, Spain / facebook / homepage

6. Alpine – Heartlove (FISHING Backyard Bonding remix) // Alpine might sound familiar from Poule d’Or 5. Heartlove is off their debut EP ‘Zurich’ and FISHING aka Doug and Russell from Sydney laid their blizz beatzy touches on it. / Melbourne and Sydney, Australia / Alpine on facebookFISHING on facebook

7. Kisses – People Can Do The Most Amazing Things // Zinzi and Jessi shared a track for Poule d’Or 2 back in April and have since risen to justified international fame. People Can Do The Most Amazing Things is off their brilliant debut album “The Heart Of The Nightlife”. / Los Angeles, California / facebooktwitterbandcamp

8. Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party – Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party // Self titled, of course. TLGLTP is a six piece and describe their music as ‘hooker pop’. Someone call Charlie Sheen! Their homepage is the best I have ever seen. Seriously, check it out. Splash! / Vancouver, Canada / homepagefacebook

9. Mind Enterprises – Be Yours! // Experimental dream pop just the way the Poule likes it. Sooo good, sooo addictive. Grab the entire EP on bandcamp. / Torino, Italy / bandcamp

10. Blood Diamonds – Heart // According to anonymous sources, the man behind Blood Diamonds lives in a van, knocking about on Canada’s fertile west coast. I wonder if he has a christmas tree in there? In any case, he is producing some very good tunes. / Vancouver, Canada / soundcloud

11. Air Zaïre – Caribbean Smash // Caribbean Smash left me wanting to know more about Air Zaïre. He’s a man hard to find .. according to my explorations, he is in no way related to an African national airline though. Mysterious.. / Fort Lauderdale, Florida

12. OMM – In The Park // Taken off Oliver Myles Mashburn’s experimental album ‘1981’ – recorded in his room. Rad song, Slagmålsklubben-esque. / New York City, New York / facebookbandcamp

13. Humans – Avec Mes Mecs // Yet another exciting band from British Columbia, it just doesn’t stop up there. Amazing. Avec Mes Mecs if off Robbie and Peter’s debut EP, available on iTunes. Check the video for Bike Home, hysterical! / Vancouver, Canada / facebook / twitter / bandcamp

14. League – Come Out Hyper // José Tornada and Jorge Ribeiro are League. Come Out Hyper develops a dreamy-synthy tune warping around Jorge’s vocals. Check out their new wave banger ‘Golden Maps’ too. / London, UK / facebook


Merry Christmas!


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Poule out.

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